Website search in INDIAN language

There are many tools for developing websites in other language (other than English) , websites can be created  in many languages other than English (Tamil,Telugu, Kannada,Hindi,malayalam,etc.. ).

How to search a word in a same language within the website (website language ex: Japanese , Chinese) , the international visitor will feel much difficult to search a word in a website – this difficulty solved by the  tool “Quillpad“.

Quillpad made enable to search a website  in a INDIAN LANGUAGE. Choose the language in the option , type the website name in the box,  grab the code and paste in your website . now the site is ready with Indian language paste the code in the widget area.


Choose the language in quillpad (language in your website) to begin search, Grab the code paste in your website example here. Now the search can done in its own language.  If website is developed in “Tamil” search can be done “Tamil” ,  If website is developed in “Telugu” search can be done “Telugu” , by choosing the option in quillpad.

paste the code in your website to begin search in Indian language (website language)

quillpad in your website -quillpad in your website - type in any language other than english made simple in typing

to search in your indian language - i your website

search language using hindi in your website

Use Quillpad in your website :  quillpad developer in your website

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