How to Earn from Instagram’s the new IGTV ?

What is IGTV: Instagram’s latest video platform, Get IGTV for Desktop, Earn from IGTV Instagram has very recently launched a new video streaming App called IGTV on 20th of June this year, the long video streaming platform – many discussions on the internet regarding it will be a healthy competitor for Youtube.


How to earn from IGTV
How to earn from IGTV?

So, What IGTV is all about and how to earn from IGTV?

IGTV is a new form of video only meant for smartphones, It is a vertical form of video connecting with all your friends. IGTV comes with unlimited video uploads and to hours of video streaming(the long form of video), So don’t miss a chance to connect from a favorite Instagram creator. Right from watching Kingbach Latest comedy skit to Beats 1 the latest music, never miss anything connect the world as you see. The video’s in IGTV is vertical thought it is meant only for mobile’s and let see a deep analysis of IGTV below.

Is IGTV Available for both Android and iOS?

yes, IGTV is available for iOS and Android smartphones, You can directly download from play store and app store and it also directly connected to Instagram. If you have a less space in your mobile don’t worry! you have an option – IGTV has a shortcut within your Instagram app. Never mind if you don’t install an app – click on a short and access to your IGTV and influencers video inside your Instagram profile.

How to Get started with IGTV?

Install IGTV app of updating your Instagram app, either one is enough because Instagram has a shortcut of IGTV within the app next to your messaging icon.  Once you click on the icon do a login with your same Instagram account or a create a new account as an influencer, as a see a screen below the signup of IGTV with a message – “IGTV is a new space to be  creative and engage your audience with longer videos” as a first step then comes,  Share longer videos – “With videos longer than a minute, you can do more” and follow by the last screen Built for vertical – “IGTV us built for full-screen vertical video, so its made to watch on mobile”.


What are the main options in IGTV and start your earnings?

By default is screen launch with full-screen mode of TV screen with different tabs in it.  Search IGTV – Fo you, Following, Popular and continue watching.

For you – The recommended videos for you to watch

Following – The videos from the Instagram influencer/ channel you follow.

Popular – The popular videos on IGTV with the subject to time changes and views and engagement

Continue watching – If you have felt the video before it ends here it will be pinned and continue watching till the end.

The videos uploaded is subject to the length the more lengthy you upload the more engagement you get.

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IGTV Vs Instagram

Unlike picture and stories inside the Instagram, IGTV comes with longer video’s posting with no matter of length.  This is will be a great pleasure to post Instagram live videos inside IGTV. It is made in a way to avoid less distraction while watching a video in full screen.   No ads for now – it can come later based on the decision of Instagram.

Is Instagram IGTV is free to download and watch videos?

yes, it is free for now and downloads it from Play store for Android users and App store from iOS users. There is no subscription charge to paid unlike Youtube red concept – to get ad-free videos. It is free for now as Instagram works, may in future there is a possibility to ads get for lengthy video – as the Instagram team has not announced yet on the blog regarding the ads.

What is IGTV: Instagram’s latest video platform | Get IGTV for Desktop | Earn from IGTV

How to upload videos to IGTV?

uploading video to IGTV  is very simple, launch the IGTV app or click on a shortcut in Instagram. There you get a + symbol to upload a video – allow access to your video section inside your phone. As default if choose Video section, if you want to upload video other than from video section choose from the list. It can be of a saved boomerang, slow-motion video, Superzoom video or with special effects already taken from Instagram and use it for the same here.

What is IGTV: Instagram’s latest video platform | Get IGTV for Desktop | Earn from IGTV

How to see IGTV Video Insights?

once you upload a video, leave it for a while to get some attraction, after a while try to open a video, there you see “three dots” next to share option. Choose view insights and there it open the details of your video from date, duration, Engagement (Views, Likes, Comments), with a graph of average percentage watched.  May be result can be better and still, improvement can be made, as it is recently launched there could you basic versions. Expecting more options on ads during the video watched on it gain influencers and creators.

The video can be shared to facebook wall and copy the video URL and share with your friends.

How to earn from IGTV?

Do a Business promotional campaign for products and during prefix or suffix of the video – if you followers is strong this defiantly works. Right now many Instagram’s are ding paid promotion on their stories and the way will work here. The only thing you want to do is – increase your followers, mentioned it in your profile as you are interested on paid promotion and you will start getting sponsors messages. Currently Instagram has announced anything about ads – hoping to get it in future to support influences. Before that, you can use this concept to earn from IGTV.

What is IGTV: Instagram’s latest video platform | Get IGTV for Desktop | Earn from IGTV

Watch this youtube video to know more about IGTV video courtesy to TAMIL TECH – தமிழ் டெக்



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