What Features does WordPress4.0 will offer?

wordpress 4.0 logo blue color

The WordPress 4.0 is released two days back and it is called as “BENNY”. I was so surprised to see WordPress 4.0 update in my site. The updates like choosing the local language in your blog more language is been added in WordPress 4.0. Before the WordPress 4.0 the users for WordPress is about 60 million,  The WordPress users will be increasing after the launch of WordPress 4.0 because it is available in many local languages so many can write blog in their own language.


In case of embedding is made easy, link from slide share, YouTube, TED videos is made easy just copy paste link from site to display them on content page of WordPress. The extra plugin installment can be reduces for YouTube, TED and slide share to be embedded in YouTube. Its like just copy paste them in content page  the preview can be seen, the dimensions can be edited as like editing media images when it is uploaded in content area.   For example the YouTube video link is added below to show the embedding option moves to great in  WordPress 4.0.

 New Media gallery view has been changed to matrix format (grid) from simple normal format. The Gallery has been changed to eCommerce product display style. This style gives a great look in adding images to post in between with descriptions and more editing options occurred in image gallery  image rotation can be done in edit image before it is been added to your content. The Bulk select option is been added in gallery, Instead of adding (uploading) one by one bulk process can be done for your gallery.

In case of  adding plugins to your  blog the finding is made easy, Plugins -> Add New -> SEO. The result display in grid view  format  so the more plugins is displayed in a single page for easy understanding and installation.

wordpress 4.0 plugin adding screen shot

Here the image  represents the plugin page (grid view) of WordPress to add new plugin to your blog. These are the main the updates made in WordPress 4.0 and many bus is been cleared from old version.  #wordpress4.0

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