Whatapp is adding some cool features past days with message notification with double blue tick. However here is the feature where the million of the fan is been waiting for an special update to released by the year 2015 starts.

According to the report of the dutch publication androidworld.nl states that, the voice calling features will be enabled soon in the whatsapp for the fourth coming updates and hope so that the process of creating the voice enabled features is been completed and will be released soon. Have you noticed that there is an file called ” WhatsApp Calls” but this is an empty file. It seams to have the next update will be of something with voice calls.

Here is an image taken form Techpp to show the interface how the voice call will be looking with such a platform in Android (NEXUS).

whatsapp-voice-calls taken from techpp

The missed call alert will be showed in the logs of whatapp. The whatsapp with free call service may create the heavy competition for present calling apps like skype, viber  Because comparatively using of these apps whatsapp user is more so, may affect. If the  add-on is good than compared to these skype and viber we hope the whatsapp call service will be bad because it is been controlled and owned by Facebook.

 In the middle of the fall the CEO “Jan Konum” the voice calling featuires was in work and he mentioned in the word it will be released in the beginning of 2015 because there are citing the many technical issues for the development of voice over call. But according to this new intel, it seems that they have managed to overcome a good deal of them and to be launched soon.

 UPDATE: If you are using the Whatsapp latest version check it out in folder portion  to be surprised with the folder “Whatsapp Call” but so the folder is empty, it will be filed with once in the beginning of 2015 . Below the image shows the list of folder in which the WhatsApp folder is one among them. Thanks for Techpp for sharing this image mentioned below.

whatsapp-calls whatsapp calls folder in myfolder android

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